Carbon Blocks


       Pure is committed to developing custom-designed carbon blocks to suit all of your requirements. Our FCT line of carbon block filters can be custom made to your required dimension and length.

       From the design through prototype development and product testing to delivery of the finished product, we will work with you every stop of the way.

Certifications High Performance Carbon

       PURE FCT Blocks are registered as meeting the requirements of NSF/ANSI for VOCs and THMs reduction , Lead reduction , Chloramine reduction, Chlorine taste and Odor, and other requirements relating to purity and safety of their materials of construction. Our manufacturing facility in Thailand are certified by ISO9001 standard.

High Performance Carbon

       This combination of high performance carbon, unique binders and proprietary manufacturing processes delivers exceptionally low pressure drop, High dirt holding capacity and excellent contaminant reduction. 

PURE FCT Blocks Products

PURE FCT Blocks Comparison

* chlorine reduction is calculated from each lowest micron rating of the 2.5 x 10" carbonblock

All Size Requirement

Whether you need a standard size carbon block or specific size to meet your system requirement. PURE FCT Block Filters are the ready for you.