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A History Of Our Carbon Block Quality and Certifications

Siam Cast Nylon Co., Ltd

Establishment :   August, 1994
Employees :   400 persons
Production / Warehouse area :   10,000 Sq.m
Land area :   6 Acre

Address :   26/7 moo 4, Samkhok-Sena Road,
Bangsai, Ayutthaya, Thailand 13190
Phone :   (+662) 9788856
Fax :   (+662) 9788947
Email : ,
Website :


Custom Made Carbon blocks

     Pure is committed to developing custom-designed carbon blocks to suit all of your requirements. Our PURE FCT line of carbon block filters can be custom made to your required dimension and length.

     From the design through prototype development and product testing to delivery of the finished product, we will work with you every step of the way.


     Siam Cast Nylon will be known in the
drinking water industry worldwide as the
highest quality carbon block producer
from Asia.


     To research and integrate the latest,
most reliable carbon block technology
and use the most reliable manufacturing

Other Manufacturing facilities

    • Injection Moulding machines

    • Assembly lines

    • Ultrafiltration hollow fibre membrane production

    • Polypropylene filter production

    • CNC machine work shop

    • Grinding machines 

    Other in house facilities

      • Laboratory 

      • Design department (AutoCad / 3D softwares)