Water Purifier


Experience unparalleled purity with our Domestic Water Purifier,  featuring  state-of-the-art   Activated Carbon Block technology.  Designed to elevate your water quality, it effectively filters out  sediment, chlorine, and unpleasant taste and odor, transforming  tap water into a refreshing delight. What sets this purifier apart  is its integration of Microban technology, actively inhibiting the  growthof harmful bacteria. This versatile filter can be seamlessly  employedas a shower filter, washing machine filter, or a kitchen  sink filter for cleaning your food, ensuring your water is not only  clean but also safe. Upgrade your water experience with our  innovative solution today.


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Introducing TO GO, the water bottle with a built in filter from  PURE. We have incorporated our NSF certified activated carbon  block filter that is effective in adsorbing contaminants such as

- Chlorine, taste and odor

- All 32 identified organic contaminants including THMs

- All 14 listed pesticide (including nitrates as well as  pesticides such as glyphosate)

- The 12 most common herbicides  We have also incorporated an anti microbial technology from

Microban that enables TO GO to resist the growth of microbes  such as bacteria and mold.

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Discover Kochar Charcoal Powder - a versatile solution for  various applications. NSF-certified and food-grade, it's derived  from coconut shells for pure quality.  From food to beauty, Kochar does it all. Enhance dishes with its  subtle flavor, whiten teeth naturally, rejuvenate skin with detox  masks,and even elevate hair washing.  Experience nature's versatility with Kochar Charcoal Powder -  your all-in-one solution for a cleaner, more vibrant life.


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Introducing our Water Purifying Pitcher. Equipped with state-of-the-artfiltration technology, including highly effective activated carbon,  this pitcher goes beyond the ordinary to ensure that every sip is  refreshingly crisp and free from impurities.  Say goodbye to the lingering taste and odor of chlorine. Our advanced  activated carbon filter tackles even the most stubborn contaminants,  delivering water that not only meets your standards butexceeds them.  Designed for your convenience, the sleek and ergonomic build ofthe  pitcher seamlessly fits into your fridge, ready to provide you with  chilled, purified water whenever you desire.  Crafted with both your health and the environment in mind, our BPA-free materials stand as a testament to our commitment to your well-being and a sustainable planet.  Embrace the pure essence of water with our Water Purifying Pitcher -  a fusion of extraordinary taste and intelligent desig that sets a new  standard for exceptional hydration.


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Elevate your hydration experience with our Mineral Water Purifier, designed to ensure every sip is pure and healthy. Advanced Filtration : Utilizing carbon block technology with  integrated Microban technology and Mineral Balls. Wave  goodbye lead, chlorine, unpleasant tastes and odor.  Ample Capacity : Quench the thirst of family and friends with  a 27-cup volume. Plus, the 5,000-liter filter lifespan eliminates  frequent replacements.  Eco-Friendly : Crafted from BPA-free materials, this dispenser  cares for your well-being and the planet. Cleaning is a breeze  with its dishwasher-safe design.  Perfectly Designed : Measuring 131x361x262 mm, the sleek,  contemporary build seamlessly integrates into your fridge or  countertop, ensuring constant access to chilled, purified water.  Treat yourself to unrivaled purity. Indulge in the Mineral Water  Filter Dispenser for a healthier you.


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Pure Mono is a portable water purifier featuring advanced filtration  technology from PURE. Our NSF certified activated carbon block  filter effectively adsorbs contaminants such as  chlorine, taste, odor,  32 organic contaminants including THMs,  14 pesticides (including nitrates and glyphosate)  12 common herbicides.  Experience purified drinking water through our Ultra filtration filter  technology, removing 99.9% of bacteria. With added Microban  antimicrobial technology, Pure Mono resists the growth of bacteria  and mold for enhanced purity.

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